Footprints 4 Sam

We are very excited to be back at your beautiful venue again this year. Thanks to Albert, Janine and your amazing team our Footprints 4 Sam Inaugural Charity Dinner was truly magical and hence our reason for returning. So thank you all again! I went to a couple of dinner functions after our charity dinner and time and time again, I just quietly smiled as the food arrived cold, late and various people had to point out that they had not been served. Fred said, Albert is a conductor when on the event floor, and you truly were — high praise indeed from my very particular husband!!(I swear you have eyes in the back of your head!) Our guests were also very complimentary, and when one is wanting to share a difficult story of heartbreak, and still balance the joy and magic of a special evening, you really need the best team possible and together with our suppliers, we truly achieved amazing heights.Thank you for working so seamlessly with our professional team.